The Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods from Agerola and the other hiking trails of the trekking Amalfi Coast preserve the historical memory of these places, because in the past they constituted the unique link roads between the countries of the coast and the inland ones. Commercial relationships, especially thriving during the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, contributed to a wonderful cultural exchange between the villages; today this incredible heritage lives on in folklore, in historical re-enactments, in culinary traditions….

From Agerola and Positano, with breathtaking scenery along the trail

In the city of Agerola follow the signs to Paolo Capasso square in the hamlet of Bomerano. In the square close to the Gentile hotel there are information boards of the Lattari Regional Park; nearby there is a secondary road, turn down this
road following the first CAI signs on pylons. Fell in the small gorge of the river Pennino, cross it along the wooden bridge and continue along the street until it ends in a small open space where the trail begins (Biscuit Cave). Reached Colle Serra (580m) as reported in the cartography there is a fork that later leads back to the main path (Li Cannati 560m); the only difference is that
the low variant is more scenic.
The path is about 6 km long with a negative difference in altitude of 200m. It takes about 3 hours walk along an easy path and overlooking the sea; paying attention to the signs will not encounter great difficulties to reach the town of Nocelle (420m). From here you can reach Positano by bus which leaves from the parking inside the town. It’s possible to keep walking , reaching the center of Positano with another hour and half of walk. From the square of the church of Nocelle take the stairs the go down to he main road, then continue on the right until the village center.

Alternatively you can continue following the ceramic signs towards the village of Montepertuso (350m). After the church of Montepertuso continue along the main road for another 300m to go down to the left following the ceramic indications leading to the center of Positano. From Positano you can reach Amalfi with SITA bus, and from there also with SITA bus return to Agerola.