The charming of Agerola path of gods to Positano, best hiking during your Amalfi Coast vacations in b&b!

Hiking from Agerola path of gods to Positano and Amalfi Coast vacations with most exciting activities, scenic view, typical restaurant, country b&b. Amalfi Coast offers a dense network of paths that from the Lattari Mountains reach the sea level. Famous all over the world is the Path of the Gods that goes from Agerola to Positano in a route what constitutes a unique experience among wonderful natural landscapes, monasteries, caves, ruins of monasteries, the characteristic villages on the coast. Long the green paths of the hiking Amalfi Coast, many fragrant plants and herbs grow, used in the traditional cuisine of our restaurant: lemon,oregano, rosemary, sage and myrtle.

Path of Orrido di Pino


Very characteristic for the importance of both geological and historical, the trail connects the two fractions “opposite” of the town of Agerola, from San Lazzaro in Bomerano.

Path of the Gods


Trekking in Agerola sul Sentiero degli dei that runs from Agerola and Positano: panoramic views and spectacular of the Amalfi Coast overlooking the faraglioni of Capri.

Ferriere Valley


Nature reserve Valle delle Ferriere that wildness of
Agerola reaches the enchanting Amalfi.
A day of trekking in search of old mills.

Maestra Villaggi Road

Maestra dei Villaggi

Landscaped path, opportunity to “walk around” between the uses of the local population, understanding how has adapted to the steep slopes of the coastal territory.

Amazing hiking Amalfi Coast along the Path of the Gods and on the other paths of the trekking Amalfi Coast!

Trekking Amalfi Coast and the Path of the Gods offer you the possibility to discover the more intimate nature of the Mediterranean landscape. The Farmhouse Orrido di Pino is located right along one of the oldest hiking trails Amalfi Coast. The path of Orrido of Pino crosses the gorge of the river Penise, joining the two opposing ends of the town of Agerola. The Course of Penise ends in Furore, charming inlet that preserve an ancient fishing village and a paper mill. Once in Bomerano, from the path Orrido of Pino, you can continue to Positano, walking on the Path of the Gods.